Wine List

Maltese White Wines

Green Label 2010
Delicata, Malta - €10.00
A wine with a crisp refreshing acidity that has established itself as one of the all time favourites dry white wines of Malta and Gozo.

La Torre Chardonnay-Girgentina 2010
Marsovin, Malta - €6.70 – €13.90
A typically Southern Mediterranean wine of character with fresh aromas of ripe apples & melon underlined by a mineral hint coming from the Girgentina grape variety. This full-bodied Chardonnay dominated wine has a characteristic buttery nose with a balanced acidity and good length.

Caravaggio~Chenin Blanc 2010
Marsovin, Malta - €14.40
A dry white wine with aromas reminiscent of stone fruit: peaches and apricots underlined by a hint of green apples. Well balanced with refreshing levels of acidity.

Palatino~Chardonnay 2010
Camilleri Winery, Malta - €13.50
This locally-grown Chardonnay shows classic varietal characteristics with an elegant nose of Golden Delicious apples with light citric nuances supported by a fleshy, medium-bodied palate of ripe fruit and melon.

Maltese Falcon 2009
Delicata, Malta - €12.90
An aromatic, fruity dry white wine made from an exclusive blend of Malta grown indigenous and international grape varieties. This full flavoured white has tropical flavours and a crisp refreshing finish.

Laurenti~Vermentino-Viognier 2008
Camilleri Winery, Malta - €16.50
This locally-grown blend of unusual varieties shows a refined complexity that is immediately announced in its fleshy aromas of stone fruit together with candied lemon hints whilst lightly herbaceous. Its oaky character is further mingled into its full, juicy palate offering an unlikely combination of ripe softness and fruity power.

Medina~Chardonnay, Ghirgentina 2009
Delicata, Malta - €6.50 – €14.50
A skilful blend of the Malta grown Chardonnay and the indigenous white grape Ghirgentina. The crispiness and the fruitiness of the Ghirgentina complement the fullness and complexity of the Chardonnay perfectly to produce a refreshing dry white wine.

1919~Chardonnay-Girgentina 2009
Marsovin, Malta - € 14.50
1919 White is produced from two grape varieties; Chardonnay & the indigenous Girgentina, also locally grown and hand picked from vines in selected vineyards. It has a pale straw hue with light golden reflections and a complex bouquet of fresh apple notes married with undertones of tropical papaya.

Laurenti~Chardonnay 2008
Camilleri Winery, Malta - €15.70
Laurenti Chardonnay is made from grapes harvested from selected vineyards along the Laurenti Ridge in Siggiewi. This fine white wine is fermented in French oak barriques which give the wine a complex bouquet of ripe fruit with overtones of vanilla and spice. Its elegant character has been developed by ageing in the bottle which is confirmed by its weighty palate, fine balance and long lasting flavours

Gran Cavalier~Sauvignon Blanc 2009
Delicata, Malta - €19.90
A crisp, herbaceous, dry white wine produced entirely from Malta grown Sauvignon Blanc grapes handpicked from pocket-sized vineyards. Before pressing the juice is left in contact with the skins to extract maximum varietal characteristics.

Chardonnay ‘Isis’ 2010
Meridiana, Malta - €13.50 - €19.70
Made from Chardonnay grapes, Isis is characterised by fresh, natural, tropical fruit flavours. The name recalls the Phoenician goddess of sailors whose vigilant eye still graces the prow of the Maltese fishing ‘Luzzu’.

Antonin ‘Ramla Valley’ 2009
Marsovin, Gozo - € 27.00
A delightful Chardonnay with a fine balance of acidity and varietal character enhanced by oak aromas.

Italian White Wines

Gavi 2009
Fontanafredda, Piedmont - €15.50
This is a bright straw-yellow wine with greenish highlights. It has a full, delicate, elegant bouquet which brings flowers and fresh fruit to mind – mostly lemons, lilies of the valley and green apples. Its palate is attractively young, dry, fresh and well-balanced.

Gavi di Gavi 2009
Marchesi di Barolo, Piedmont - €25.90
The grapes used in making this wine are selected exclusively in the territory of the commune of Gavi or, more precisely, the famous Rovereto zone. A tenuous straw yellow with bright green reflections; the aroma is intense and refined, fruity and flowery with scents of golden apples and chamomile flowers. The flavour is harmonious and persistent with a good body.

Pinot Grigio 2009
Della Staffa-Maso Lamm, Trentino Alto Adige - €17.90
The colour is a luminous straw yellow. The bouquet is rich with aromas of tropical fruit such as banana and papaya. On the palate the wine is intense and well balanced, with crisp acidity and excellent persistence.

Pinot Grigio 2009
Santa Margherita, Trentino Alto Adige - €11.50 - €19.90
The clean, intense aroma and dry flavour with pleasant golden apple aftertaste make Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio a wine of great character and versatility.

Lugana ‘Santa Cristina’ 2009
Zenato, Veneto - €21.00
A wine of appealing distinctiveness. Releasing crisp, fruity aromas that gradually expand to a rich complexity characteristic only of Lugana. The palate is rounded and generous, and has a wonderfully long, savoury finish.

Soave Classico 2009
Pieropan, Veneto - €20.90
This Soave Classico is vibrant straw yellow in colour, with delicate perfumes reminiscent of almond blossom and marzipan. Nino Pieropan ensures that his work in the cellar retains and amplifies the quality and style provided by the vineyard.

Frascati Superiore ‘Vigneto Santa Teresa’ 2009
Fontana Candida, Latium - €12.50
Pale gold colour; delicate but well-defined bouquet, with fine hints of sage and apple; full, soft but fresh and a lively and very savoury flavour with a definite, pleasantly lingering aftertaste of sweet almonds. A wine of great finesse.

Fiano di Avellino 2009
Mastroberardino, Campania - €22.50
A wine with a crystalline straw yellow colour with tinges of green. Full-bodied. Distinctive aromas on the nose with white floral tones hinting of wild fennel. Fresh white fruit with light mineral tones. It is dry and intense on the palate with distinctive flavour and body, very well structured, and almost austere. It has a noteworthy lingering aroma with good scents, recalling ripe pear and tiny wild flowers.

Greco di Tufo 2009
Feudi di San Gregorio, Campania - €12.50 - €23.50
A beautiful refined and tastefully balanced wine, the Feudi San Gregorio Greco di Tufo exhibits lively citrus flavours with hints of almonds.

Kados 2009
Rosignolo-Duca di Salaparuta, Sicily - €17.50
A wine that is pale yellow in colour with slight greenish highlights. The aromas are complex with floral hints, and a slight note of vanilla. The flavour is wide, velvety yet lively, full-bodied and persistent. Made exclusively from Grillo

Anthilia 2009
Donnafugata, Sicily - €14.70
The wine shows a precise personality of fruity and floral sensations, round and elegant. Notes of yellow peaches and plums and scents of the Mediterranean vegetation. On the palate, tastiness and softness unite.

Vermentino di Sardegna ‘La Cala’ 2009
Sella & Mosca, Sardinia - €14.75
Elegant and supple, this single-vineyard wine couples fullness of flavour with an underlying acidity. The wine has a very subtle presence of a natural marine salinity in it, credited to the location of the vineyard.

French White Wines

Chateau Moutin 2008
Bordeaux - €22.90
The wine has a fine, light, straw colour with pale gold highlights and a refined fresh nose on which distinctive floral aromas combine with highly elegant notes of Sauvignon and a hint of toast. The long finish, expressive and harmonious on ripe fruit with a slightly mineral tinge, is entirely typical of the appellation.

Pouilly Fume’ ‘Le Chants des Vignes’ 2009
Joseph Mellot, Loire - €29.50
The aromatic, floral and smoked nature of the Sauvignon grape variety is the most dominant aspect of this charming wine. It displays its elegance, fruitiness and roundness and is very persistent in the mouth.

Sancerre 2009
Pascal Jolivet, Loire - €18.90 - €28.50
A wine with a pale green yellow with gleams of silver. It has a very pretty nose with ripe fruit, candied orange and dried apricot, and shows of very good ripeness of the Sauvignon grape with its powerful and complex aromas

Chablis 2009
William Fevre, Burgundy - €15.90 - €27.50
A fantastic representative of this great wine from one of the best producers of the area. A wine of intense steely character and prominent acidity.

Chablis 1er Cru Vaillons 2008
Moreau et fils, Burgundy - €39.50
Pale lemon in colour with green hue. The nose shows pure citrus and orchard fruits. The palate has a crushed sea-shell minerality and a rich creaminess, all balanced with crackling acidity and a long finish.

Meursault ‘Domaine du Pavillon’ 2006
Albert Bichot, Burgundy - €54.90
This Meursault has a bright luminous straw-yellow colour. The nose is discreetly toasty followed by elegant floral notes on a backdrop of light plum and pear fruity aromas. The mouth is powerful, well-balanced and dense, with delicious brioche flavours. The finish is persistent and very aromatic.

Puligny Montrachet 2006
Albert Bichot, Burgundy - €54.50
This Puligny Montrachet has a beautiful pale crystalline yellow robe with golden reflections. The nose develops subtle aromas of dried fruit, almond, apricot and also hawthorn flower and crystallized fruit. The mouth is round and well-structured, harmonious and well-balanced with a long and refreshing finish.

Riesling ‘Jubilee Hugel’ 2005
Hugel, Alsace - €35.50
The nose is harmoniously balanced with a subtle touch of freshness, and notes of white peach and gooseberry. In the mouth, this wine has character with well-balanced acidity and an overall impression of elegance.

Gewurztraminer Reserve 2004
Maison Trimbach, Alsace - €35.30
A rich, full-bodied, intense Gewurztraminer with excellent varietal definition. A nose of Lychee and cinnamon leads to a palate with sweet Lychee and grapefruit notes. The finish is long and pleasant.

Spanish White Wines

Sauvignon Blanc ‘Fransola’ 2008
Torres, Penedes - €27.50
Sauvignon Blanc forms the basis of this unique wine, partially fermented and aged in new American oak. Intense voluptuous bouquet with aromatic notes of various fruits and plants. On the palate the wine is round and full-bodied and has excellent structure. Elegant aftertaste with a citrus edge.


German White Wines

Bernkasteler Riesling Kabinett 2006
Dr.Loosen, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer - €49.50
The vineyards of Dr. Loosen owe their excellent quality to three major factors: the exceptional regional climate of the middle Mosel area, the mineral-rich slate and volcanic soils, and the incredible age of the estate’s ungrafted Riesling vines. This Kabinett is a deliciously steely wine with a firm backbone. It is characterised by delightful ripe and aromatic fruit.


New World White Wines


Chardonnay 2009
Finca Flichman, Mendoza~Argentina - €13.50
Straw coloured in the glass, this wine has a nose of cut grass, green apples, and wet steel. In the mouth it has a zing of acidity and has very few oak driven characteristics, apart from a nice mouth feel. The primary flavours for the wine are crisp green apples and crushed limestone. The wine finishes strong with hints of almond and hazelnut.

Sauvignon Blanc-Fume Blanc 2010
Vina Montes, Curico Valley~Chile - €14.90
Fruit aromas with intense notes of peach, pineapple and hints of gooseberry. Fresh and well balanced with a crisp acidity and a lingering finish that makes it appealing and friendly.

Santa Digna~Sauvignon Blanc 2010
Miguel Torres, Curico Valley~Chile - €8.50 - €14.90
A wine made exclusively from the noble Sauvignon Blanc grape variety, grown near the banks of the Guaiquillo river. A fruity and extraordinarily aromatic wine.

Chenin Blanc 2009
KWV, Western Cape~South Africa - €13.90
A value wine offering charming aromatic floral and fresh green fruit scents that swing into lively fresh ripe grapefruit and tropical fruit in the mouth. Nicely balanced, with good weight and refreshingly clean acidity.

Yellow Label~Chardonnay 2009
Wolf Blass, South Australia - €17.90
The Wolf Blass Chardonnay is a light straw colour with a hint of pale green in the glass. Summery tropical fruit aromas of melon and peach drift up to the nose and then develop into lively varietal fruit characteristics on the palate. This fruit driven wine is lighter in style and has delicate creamy characters.

Sauvignon Blanc 2009
Villa Maria, Marlborough~New Zealand - €22.90
This vibrant Sauvignon Blanc is bursting with a fruit-salad-bowl of flavours including ripe gooseberry, passion fruit, fresh citrus lime and exotic herbaceous aromas. The wine has an exciting palate with layers of juicy flavours, intensity and fullness, finishing with a refreshing crisp, clean and racy acidity.

Sauvignon Blanc 2009
Cloudy Bay, Marlborough~New Zealand - €43.90
Mouth-watering aromas of passion fruit and lemongrass led with the spiciness of just-picked tomatoes tossed with fresh basil. Many small parcels of fruit, ripened under ideal conditions, bring layers of complexity. The palate has exceptional richness, with ripe gooseberry flavours and a hint of fresh fennel leading to a powerful, crisp finish.

Riesling ‘Eroica’ 2009
Saint Michelle-Dr.Loosen, Washington~U.S.A - €29.50
This Riesling exudes mandarin orange and sweet lime aromas and flavors with subtle mineral notes. The mouth-watering acidity is beautifully balanced by flavourful Washington Riesling fruit.

Chardonnay 2006
Sonoma-Cutrer, California~U.S.A - €34.90
Very pretty aromas of jasmine and rose petal come quickly back to more expected tropical fruits like pineapple, mango and a bit of pear. Roasted hazelnut is joined with nougat and almond butter, finishing with a touch of lime and Lychee.


Rose` Wines


Palazzo Verdala Rose’ 2009
Marsovin, Malta - €6.00 - €12.00
Verdala Rosé is an elegant blend of grape varieties namely Montepulciano and Uva Troia. It is a smooth and well-balanced Rosé that combines a fruity aroma with a crisp and refreshing palate.

Cotes du Provence 2009
Aime Roquesante, Provence~France - €14.20
Everything you should expect from a classic Provencal rosé, being dry and elegant but with a lovely fruit character. Delicious and easy drinking.

Rose d`Anjou ‘Gold Label’ 2009
Barton & Guestier, Loire~France - €8.00 - €12.60
A brilliant raspberry-pink coloured wine. Aromatic and pleasant nose dominated by fruity aromas and peppery notes developing with aeration. Smooth and fleshy attack, followed by a good acidity. The finish is long and fruity.

Syrah Rose ‘Cherub’ 2009
Vina Montes, Curico~Chile - €16.50
This seductive wine is fresh and well balanced. Syrah character, with some spiciness and hints of strawberries and orange peel. With good fruit concentration it shows richness in texture across the palate.

Zinfandel Rose 2009
Beringer, California~U.S.A - €12.50
With a beautiful salmon pink colour, the nose reveals floral aromas and strong scent of strawberries and lemon. The palate begins with nice flavours of strawberry, spice and lemon, followed by a nice acidity and a sweet finale.

Maltese Red Wines


La Valette 2009
Marsovin, Malta - €6.50 - €11.90
La Valette Rouge has been one of Malta’s most popular wines since 1967; it is a full-bodied red wine with a mature fruity complex taste.

La Torre~Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
Marsovin, Malta - €7.20 - €12.90
A Cabernet Sauvignon that offers the attractive combination of structure and body accompanied with bright fruit.

Caravaggio~Cabernet Franc 2008
Marsovin, Malta - €13.50
A medium bodied red wine of moderate intensity. On the nose it shows typical Cabernet Franc varietal characteristics of green and white peppers and spices. Soft black fruit characteristics and mature tannins leave a savoury medium finish.

Maltese Falcon 2009
Delicata, Malta - €10.90
A fruity, easy drinking full-bodied red wine made from an exclusive blend of Malta grown noble grape varieties. It has soft, ripe flavours with a firm austere finish.

Syrah ‘Ulysses’ 2009
Marsovin, Gozo - €13.90
Produced entirely from handpicked grapes harvested in family owned vineyards in Gozo, this fine fruit-driven full bodied wine is very delicate on the palate with ripe tannins and soft fruity aromas reminiscent of blackcurrants, plums and a hint of peppery spice.

1919~Merlot, Syrah, Gellewza 2009
Marsovin, Malta - €13.90
1919 Red is produced from three grape varieties; Merlot, Syrah & the indigenous Gellewza, grown and hand picked from vines in selected local vineyards. This full-bodied ruby red wine has intense, complex aromas reminiscent of prunes, cherries and liquorice. It is smooth on the palate with velvety tannins.

Cabernet Franc Patron’s Riserva 2008
Montekristo, Malta - €11.90
This wine is purple in colour gradually developing to garnet. The aroma is rich in fruit especially raspberry, cherry and plum with undertones of green bell peppers.

Laurenti~Cabernet-Merlot 2007
Camilleri Winery, Malta - €15.90
Made from hand-picked Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes harvested from selected vineyards along the Laurenti Ridge in Siggiewi, the wine is aged in French oak barriques for over a year. The appearance is mature with a medium to deep intensity and a dark chocolate core. It has a clean, medium to pronounced nose with elements of cherries, red berries and forest fruits with hints of dried fruits. The palate is of medium to full-bodied structure with balanced acidity and soft tannins, more evident towards finish.

Cheval Franc 2009
Marsovin, Malta - €25.90
Cheval Franc is Marsovin’s Thoroughbred and is produced from the Cabernet Franc grape variety. This wine is medium bodied with peppery and herbaceous aromas that are typical characteristics of the Cabernet Franc grape variety.

Cabernet-Merlot ‘Melqart’ 2007
Meridiana, Malta - €13.90 - €22.90
Made from an artful blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes, Melqart is characterised by mellow ripe berry flavours.

Merlot ‘Nexus’ 2007
Meridiana, Malta - €26.90
Made from Merlot grapes, Nexus is characterised by tender, ripe, cherry plum flavours.

Antonin 2008
Marsovin, Malta - €27.90
Antonin is a medium bodied red blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc varieties. Full fruit flavours of ripe blackberries, cherries and blueberries make this wine very enjoyable in its youth while the backbone and structure provide it with ample ageing potential.

Magnus 2004
Montekristo, Malta - €45.00
This structured, elegant yet very well balanced red, boasts of a palate where cassis, other dark berries and spices like liquorice carry through to a jammy finish. Very lush, rich and elegant it is most certainly an impressive blend of the finest Maltese indigenous grape.

Grand Maitre ‘Fra Hugues Loubenx de Verdalle’ 2008
Marsovin, Malta - €56.90
Dedicated to the Grand Masters of Malta by Special appointment to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc coming form the Ghajn Rihana Estate produced a full-bodied red wine of the unique character which is aged for at least 12 months in new French oak barriques.

Italian Red Wines


Barbera d`Alba ‘Ruvei’ 2007
Marchesi di Barolo, Piedmont - €21.00
A wine that offers fantastic value for money. Based on the Barbera grape, the second most important of the Piedmont region. The wine offers a range of fruit flavours, a nice structure and a refreshing acidity.

Barolo 2004
Fontanafredda, Piedmont - €44.00
A dry, full wine with a well-balanced taste that is provided by the soft, velvety tannins, while its length and aftertaste are decidedly inviting and intense.

Gattinara Riserva 2001
Travaglini, Piedmont - €51.50
The other face of Nebbiolo. Complex bouquet of baked fruit, mushroom vegetation, leather and tobacco. Warmly alcoholic palate, long and well balanced. The best grapes from this winery, from the best sites, add a touch of velvet to the finish. A rare find! For the wine lover that wants to taste some else from Piedmont.

Valtellina Superiore Inferno ‘Mazer’ 2007
Nino Negri, Lombardy - €25.40
Mazer” in Valtellina dialect means “good, beautiful and generous” three definitions appropriate to the Inferno Mazèr of Casa Negri, a red wine of special quality made only in the best years from selected Chiavennasca grapes vinified according to innovative criteria. The vineyards from which this wine comes are located in the smallest of the four sub-zones of Valtellina Superiore. The name Inferno relates to the steep slopes and the high summer temperature.

Chianti Classico ‘Peppoli’ 2008
Marchesi di Antinori, Tuscany - €22.90
Rich in aromas of mature fruit and hints of vanilla. On the palate, the wine is well balanced, elegant with a good structure. Pèppoli is made with a view to being enjoyed fairly young, when all its fruity nuances are at their maximum

Chianti Classico 2008
Carpineto, Tuscany - €23.90
A wine with a clear and intense ruby red colour and an aroma that lies between cherry, strawberry and plum. The palate is round, with hints of tannins that are well distributed.

Vino Nobile di Montepulciano ‘Pasiteo’ 2005
Fassati, Tuscany - €26.50
This wine has an exotic nose of violets, cocoa, leather and concentrated cherries. The palate is equally enticing and complex, showing rosemary, plum, smoke and tart cherries.

Rosso di Montalcino 2006
Silvio Nardi, Tuscany - €32.50
This wine is classically styled, it has the classic dark Maraschino cherry aromatics and flavours that are so representative of this side of Montalcino while being true to its long, lean and elegant origins.

Brunello di Montalcino ‘Poggio alle Mura’ 2004
Banfi, Tuscany - €59.90
Banfi’s celebrated vineyard selection wine, delivers a consistent level of quality. The wine is true to itself with intense aromas of chocolate, cherry and spice. It’s executed in a bold, blockbuster style with creamy softness and a velvety finish.

Brunello di Montalcino ‘Alessandro III’ 2003
Cecchi, Tuscany - €68.90
Brunello Di Montalcino is a brilliant wine with a lively colour and an intense, persistent, full nose reminiscent of aromatics, woods, small fruit, traces of vanilla and fruity jams, all combined. The wine also has an elegant and harmonic body. Because of its characteristics, Brunello di Montalcino can withstand lengthy ageing improving with time.

Il Blu 2005
Brancaia, Tuscany - €73.50
Il Blu is the premier wine from Brancaia. This Super Tuscan proves what is possible today at Brancaia in terms of elegance, complexity and intensity. For many wine lovers all over the world, this wine already is a classic – perhaps because in every vintage it shows a strong identity, reflecting the character and quality of the vineyards in the Chianti Classico.

Guidalberto 2002
Tenuta San Guido, Tuscany - €69.00
This wine has a deep, very youthful, crimson red hue. On the nose it has a very ripe style, showing rich, dark fruits, attractive and quite intense. A supple start on the palate, revealing a tannic grip with a powerful bite.

Bolgheri Sassicaia 2004
Tenuta San Guido, Tuscany - €180.00
Sassicaia was the first Italian wine to successfully establish itself abroad, and is almost universally recognized as the father of the new Italian wine family or simply the Super Tuscan Pioneer. Loaded with fruit. Rich yet balanced, with lots of jam and plum character. Full-bodied, with round tannins and a silky finish.

Valpolicella Classico 2008
Zenato, Veneto - €11.50 - €16.50
Ruby-red in colour tending toward garnet as the wine matures. Dry and robust on the palate with an excellent, velvety texture, this wine offers fleshy aromas of wild berries, currant, black cherry and spice, framed by intriguing hints of chocolate.

Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2006
Zenato, Veneto - €64.90
Created from the very finest grapes, painstakingly aged in the ancient manner and bottled in exceedingly small vintages, Amarone stands as one of the world’s treasured red wines. The grapes are specially selected from the upper parts of the grape cluster because they receive the most direct sunshine and therefore are the ripest. After aging in the finest oak barrels the wine that emerges is a wine of a ruby-red colour with a dry, rich, complex flavour.

Sagrantino di Montefalco 2003
Arnaldo Caprai, Umbria - €33.90
A great red wine made from autochthonous grapes. It has a very concentrated ruby colour, almost impenetrable and intense perfume, ample, with a hint of red fruit with spicy tastes and particularly fine vanilla. The flavour is decisive, strong, with a tannic concentration evident mostly in the first years of life.

Rubesco Torgiano Riserva ‘Vigna Monticchio’ 2004
Lungarotti, Umbria - €42.90
Deep and intense ruby red colour. The nose is enveloping, with notes of sweet spices and small berries. Full and harmonious body, with concentrated and fresh tannins; Despite the opulent structure, it maintains good acidity, is very well balanced, and has a slightly mineral finish.

Merlot del Lazio ‘Kron’ 2005
Fontana Candida, Latium - €29.90
A blend of Merlot (85%) and Sangiovese (15%), this wine has an intense red colour with a fruit nose of wood and spice scents, which disappear into notes of tobacco.

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo ‘Jorio’ 2007
Umani Ronchi, Abruzzo - €14.90
Intense ruby red with light violet nuances. Complex and intense, sour cherry, plum and mulberry standing out from other scents. Round, powerful and full-bodied, endowed with smooth tannins and a pleasant and persistent finish.

Taurasi ‘Radici’ 2003
Mastroberardino, Campania - €43.90
A fantastic Aglianico based wine with ruby red with orange reflections Full, complex, intense bouquet redolent of tobacco, cherry, violet and berries. In the mouth it is enveloping, elegant, and persistent. The background has distinct notes of plum, bitter cherry, strawberry jam and black pepper.

Aglianico del Vulture ‘Vigna Serpara’ 2001
Terre degli Svevi, Basilicata - €37.90
Aglianico is often referred to as the “Nebbiolo of the south” and this wine illustrates the heights it can attain to with the help of well-sited vineyard and meticulous winemaking. Rich, full-bodied and concentrated with well-defined fruit flavours and earthy, tarry, and chocolaty characteristics.

Salice Salentino ‘Aiace’ 2006
Castello Monaci, Apulia - €21.90
Clear garnet colour, with ripe cherry and raspberry aromas and notes of tar and smoke to lend complexity, pleasant and interesting. Big, forward fruit flavours, with acidity and tannins and a pleasantly bitter finish.

Passo delle Mule 2008
Tenuta Suor Marchesa-Duca di Salaparuta, Sicily - €25.50
A wine with a deep, intense ruby red colour. The aromas on the nose are reminiscent of Morello cherries and raspberries and complex well-balanced scents of spices and vanilla. The palate is rich, generous, velvety, full-bodied and persistent.

Contessa Entellina ‘Tancredi’ 2006
Donnafugata, Sicily - €38.90
The Tancredi is a blend of 70% Nero d’Avola and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon aged in French oak is endowed with notable warmth and richness in its fruit. Herb, chocolate and toasted oak nuances also come to the forefront, adding further complexity. The Cabernet is very much felt in the structure and density of the wine.

Contessa Entellina ‘Mille e Una Notte’ 2005
Donnafugata, Sicily - €85.90
A noble version of Nero d’Avola with a dense ruby-red color. The enthralling bouquet calls attention to mature and sweet scents and balsamic and floral notes of violets with a light trace of tobacco at the close. A wine with a big structure and a remarkable personality.

French Red Wines


Chateau La Bonelle 2005
Grand Cru, Saint Emilion~Bordeaux - €30.50
Very studious, meticulous winemaking is behind the reputation of this Chateau guaranteed to make beautifully balanced, vibrantly fruity St Emilion.

Chateau d’Angludet 2005
Cru Bourgeois, Margaux~Bordeaux - €57.90
Deep ruby colour with garnet tinges. Good and intense on the nose with an elegant and fruity bouquet of cassis. On the plate it is full bodied, fruity with notes of blackcurrants, harmonious tannins with a long lasting aftertaste.

La Fleur de Bouard 2006
Lalande de Pomerol~Bordeaux - €54.90
From Hubert de Bouard of Chateau Angelus! Hubert continues to produce wines that are truly revelations of what can be accomplished in this appellation. His La Fleur de Bouard is deep ruby/purple hue is followed by scents of cassis, blackberries, smoke, liquorice, and background new oak.

Chateau Laroze 2004
Grand Cru Classe, Saint Emilion~Bordeaux - €59.50
Dark, restrained, exotic, with layers of spicy and gritty fruit. A polished palate, although with a really hard structure beneath. There is a lot of tannic grip here, and a firm, rounded substance. There are some attractive fruit elements to be found though

Chateau Figeac 2000
1er Grand Cru Classe, Saint Emilion~Bordeaux - €159.00
A beautiful purity of fruit is immediately apparent, dark fruits, but bright and crystalline in character. Very elegant on the palate, fresh with pure red and black berry fruits. Broad, defined, with a sweet character at the core, and firm and ripe tannins. A fine acidity provides definition.

Chateau Palmer 1995
3 ieme Cru Classe, Margaux~Bordeaux - €335.00
A wine with a crimson hue, deep and luminous. Chateau Palmer has prominent flavours of bilberry, cherry, cocoa, vanilla, black chocolate and toasted bread. Splendid density on the palate with a silky fruit. Elegant tannins well balanced by a very fresh fruit. Throughout the mouth, the body remains compact, fat, well balanced and concentrated. Very elegant and long finish. Beautiful!

Chateau Angelus 1996
1er Grand Cru Classe, Saint Emilion~Bordeaux - €258.00
Dark purple. Gorgeous nose with plums, blackberries, cherries, coffee and sweet tobacco. Mid-full bodied with stiff, important tannins, very high acidity and subtle fruit. Long finish. Still very youthful-needs time.

Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1999
1er Cru Classe, Pauillac~Bordeaux - €490.00
Classic nose of pencil, cigar box, currants, and dark berries. Some wet stone and earth along for the ride with the black fruit palate. Great length!

Chinon ‘Les Montifault’ 2008
Langlois Chateau, Loire - €15.50
This is a fruity and aromatic wine with notes of soft red fruits and ground black pepper notes. A wine made exclusively from Cabernet Franc.

Sancerre 2008
Serge Laloue, Loire - €29.50
Deep, intense colour with a nose that is redolent of fruit, such as black cherry, combined with notes of spice. Made from Pinot Noir.

Beaujolais 2008
Bouchard Aine, Burgundy - €14.90
Startling, fresh styled Beaujolais showing pronounced candy and banana character along with bright cherry and strawberry fruit. Great fun, wine that needs no contemplation.

Nuits Saint Georges 1er Cru ‘Le Crots’ 2005
Albert Bichot, Burgundy - €75.00
This Nuits-Saint-Georges Premier Cru « Les Crots » has a very beautiful garnet red colour. With a lovely distinctive fruity nose, it has intense notes of red fruit, spices and tobacco aromas. The mouth is generous with well-balanced ampleness, robustness and flavour. The finale is long and intensely aromatic.

Clos de Vougeot ‘Grand Cru’ 1997
Faiveley, Burgundy - €145.00
An intense dark ruby colour. The nose has a complex bouquet of rose and violet floral aromas and fruity aromas, with a few discreet woody notes. The attack is round on the palate and then the tannins show their strength. This wine is well structured and corpulent, with long-lasting aromas and a fine representative of this famous Grand Cru.

Cotes-du-Rhone ‘45 º Parallele’ 2007
Jaboulet, Rhone - €9.90 - €15.90
The wine has a deep colour, with elegant and expressive aromas of red fruits and spices. On the palate, the wine has a solid structure, ripe tannins and a spicy character.

Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2006
Mont Redon, Rhone - €20.90 - €47.50
A wine with an intense ruby colour. Complex bouquet of spices, liquorice and fruits. Rich on the palate, it develops intense aromas of red fruits like blackcurrants, blackberries, cherries. It also has refined tannins


Spanish Red Wines


Sangre de Toro 2008
Torres, Catalunya - €7.50 - €14.50
Undoubtedly the most popular Spanish wine in the Maltese islands, it is made from a blend of Garnacha and Carinena. Characterized by complex Mediterranean aromas and notes of spices, soft red fruits and liquorice.

Rioja Reserva 2001
Bodegas Beronia, Spain - €25.50
A classic, aromatic mix of dried cherries, dark chocolate, crushed flowers and leather notes. The palate has a dusty powdery texture with juicy flavours of red cherries, exotic spices, cigar box and espresso. Great acidity and a long smooth finish

Celeste 2007
Torres, Ribera del Duero - €19.90
Celeste is an opulent wine brimming with fruit, body and colour: as unique as the night sky in the Ribera del Duero. Intense blackberry colour. Spicy and intense nose, with liquorice and black pepper hints on a base of well-ripened fruits like blackberry and cherry. On the palate the wine is at first very fruity with ripe tannins that are persistent and full bodied.

Azul 2006
Bodegas Guelbenzu, Navarra - €21.50
Complex nose with red fruit and spices, prune and figs. In the mouth it has a powerful attack that is full bodied and that keeps its strength on the palate. The wood aromas are very well integrated, with a long after taste. It boasts a perfect balance.

Numanthia 2006
Bodegas Numanthia, Toro - €76.90
Deep ruby. A deep, youthfully brooding bouquet offers dark cherry, blackcurrant, incense and suave oak spices. Spicy cherry and dark berry flavours show an exotic anise quality and slow-building sweetness. This gently tannic, chewy, extremely persistent wine finishes with echoes of oak spice and floral pastille, not to mention excellent vivacity.


Portuguese Red Wines


Vinha Grande 2007
Casa Ferreirinha, Douro - €16.90
Vinha Grande shows an appealing red ruby colour. Its aroma is dominated by floral and ripe red fruits notes, and reflects the complexity of both maturation and evolution in the bottle. On the palate is a balanced and full-bodied wine with well structured tannins smoothened by the fruit which enhances a rich and persistent finish.


Lebanese Red Wines


Chateau Kefraya 2007
Chateau Kefraya, Bekaa Valley - €33.20
A dark colour, concentrated, thoroughbred and complex bouquet; spices, menthol, black fruits, tobacco. A full-bodied and rich taste and a solid tannic structure endow this wine with a charming and solid character. Still marked by wood, the bouquet starts out very promising. It’s the same impression on the palate, also capable of feeling the very good balance between grape and wood tannins. It is an altogether character full, high quality, perfectly well made wine.

Chateau Musar 2002
Hochar Pere, Bekaa Valley - €48.50
Full and complex, fruit and earthy flavours are consistent with the nose, zingy acidity and soft tannins set up a very long finish with fruity and floral notes that seem to last for minutes. A very fine wine, capable of ageing for years.


New World Red Wines


Expresiones~Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
Finca Flichman, Mendoza~Argentina - €14.90
All the typical Cabernet fruit is there. Plum, black cherry, and currant are dominant. There is also creamy vanilla with hints of caramel. The texture is very smooth, almost velvet – like. Multi layered flavors keep this cabernet interesting, the finish is pleasant and lingering. There was also pleasing influence from oak without being overdone.

Malbec 2008
Terrazas de los Andes, Mendoza~Argentina - €15.50
Ripe, lush Malbec is Argentina’s signature red wine. Malbec can be considered unique to Argentina, as no other country in the world has managed to obtain the quality, which it has achieved here.

Santa Digna~Shiraz Riserva 2008
Miguel Torres, Curico~Chile - €15.50
This Shiraz growing in poor, well-drained soils provides low-yield but excellent harvests. Enjoy the intense, purple colour and the aroma with hints of small black fruits, violet and redcurrant of this well made wine.

35 South~Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
Vina San Pedro, Curico Valley~Chile - €15.90
Deep dark red in colour. The wine presents aromas of fresh blackberries blended with sweet spices, caramel and vanilla. On the palate it exhibits sweet ripe fruit, complemented by full-bodied and gentle tannins.

Cabernet Sauvignon ‘Manso de Velasco’ 2006
Miguel Torres, Curico Valley~Chile - €40.90
The Single Vineyard of Manso de Velasco, named after the founder of the town of Curicó, is devoted exclusively to the Cabernet Sauvignon that produces this intense and deeply pigmented wine. Extraordinarily rich aroma of ripe fruit. Its aristocratic Cabernet Sauvignon tannins have a majestic, regal structure, heightened by the creamy background of oak from the Nevers forest that is used in its long barrel ageing.

Marques de Casa Concha~Carmenere 2009
Concha y Toro, Rapel Valley~Chile - €14.90
Saturated purple in colour, this wine offers up a splendid bouquet of toasty oak, tobacco, Asian spices, plum, and blueberry. Mouth-coating, layered, and bordering on the opulent, there is plenty of ripe tannin lurking under the fruity, succulent flavours.

Pinotage-Shiraz 2007
Leopard’s Leap, Franschhoek~South Africa - €11.90
This wine has a medium bodied intensity and soft integrated tannins, its characteristics reflects the distinctive style of both varietals in the blend. On the palate it features fruity characteristics like plum and mulberry which are supported by vanilla undertones with a hint of spice and white pepper.

Red Label~Shiraz-Grenache 2009
Wolf Blass, South Australia - €18.50
Regularly voted as “Australian winery of the Year” in trendy international wine magazines, Wolf Blass produces this wine that has a rich and deep red colour that immediately gives away the structure to be expected on the palate. The texture on the other hand is round and soft.

Shiraz Reserve 2007
Yellow Tail, South Australia - €20.90
Vibrant, deep purple colour leads to a nose of lifted berry aromas with spicy notes. The full-bodied palate shows generous ripe fruit characters with underlying earthy tones and lingering sweet berry flavours. A touch of vanillin oak adds balance and softness to the long, enjoyable finish.

Pinot Noir 2007
Cloudy Bay, Marlborough~New Zealand - €43.90
Intensely fragrant with alluring aromas of dark plums and lifted hints of blueberry, layered over spicy sandalwood and smoky bacon. The palate is succulent and flavoursome with dark fruits and toasty oak gently supported by plush tannins.

Zinfandel 2005
Dry Creek Vineyards, Sonoma County-California~U.S.A - €37.50
This Zinfandel expresses a jammy fruit and black cherry character, and an underlying spicy fruit aroma. The wine is medium to full-bodied, with a well-structured texture and tannins providing balance.


Sparkling Wines


Gellewza Frizzante
Delicata, Malta - €13.60
A fruity crisp semi sparkling medium dry rosé wine made entirely from the Maltese indigenous grape Gellewza. Its consistent stream of fizz pushes up a most wonderful strawberry bouquet and flavour. On its own, this delicious semi sparkling rosé makes fine a celebratory drink or aperitif

Gancia, Veneto~Italy - €14.90
Gancia Prosecco is a famous dry sparkling wine which takes its name from the Prosecco varietal of grape that makes up this cuvée and that gives this product its typical aromatic fragrance:

Prosecco di Valdobbiadene ‘Brut’
Santa Margherita, Veneto~Italy - €19.90
A sparkling wine with a clean nose, pleasantly fruity, with whiffs of apples and peach blossoms. Delicate and with a balanced taste, it is excellent as an aperitif, or for a celebratory drink.

Duca Spumante ‘Brut’
Duca di Salaparuta, Sicily~Italy - €15.50
A wine with a pale yellow colour with clear greenish highlights. The aroma is pleasant and complex, well-balanced and fruity with clear scents of bread crust. The flavour is fresh, lively, and well-balanced, with a great character and pleasure.



269 Brut Reserve
Heidsieck Monopole - €55.00
Clear, pale straw, slow rising, small bubbles; clean, fairly deep, floral, citrus, green olive, yeast, bread, toast and roasted nut aromas; slightly expansive, frothy, creamy; clean, light, sweet, sappy, blossomy flavours of citrus, toast, bread dough; very well-balanced; medium-long finish.

Brut Imperiale
Moet et Chandon - €63.50
The Brut imperial is a balanced assemblage of the three grape varieties disclosing a succession of elegant and harmonious sensations, a fresh maturity, supple and refined lines, inspiring well-being and an emotion, which is to be appreciated and shared.

Brut Black Label
Lanson - €62.90
Lanson Brut’s brilliant and clear colour is reminiscent of the straw colour and hints of amber characteristic of the Pinot Noir grape. In the glass, it is lively with a fine string of bubbles. On the nose, the impression is one of vitality and scents of spring, mixed with a touch of ‘toast’ and honey. On the palate one finds bouquets of ripe fruit and citrus fruit to create a sensation of fullness, fruitiness and lightness. A pleasant racy wine with a long and lingering taste.

Brut Carte Jaune N.V
Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin - €66.90
Clear, pale straw; very light, citric, apple, toast, butter and yeast aromas; very expansive, full, with a rich, soft, creamy texture; clean, light, gentle, wispy, faintly sweet flavours integrate fruit and yeast well; well-balanced; lemony, yeasty flavours linger well in finish. A blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay.

Brut Rose’
Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin - €85.90
This champagne’s fresh and clean aromas of ripe red fruits and spicy notes are slightly smoky and yeasty, bringing up images of toasted bread, red and black fruit, predominating with black cherry. In the mouth, the wine is rich, smoky and medium-weight. It yields very pleasant flavours of cherry, lemon tart and toasted brioche, intertwined with strawberries, red currants, nectarines and a hint of cinnamon.

Dom Perignon 2000
Moet et Chandon - €195.00
This is the prestige cuvee of the Moet et Chandon house, named after the famous Benedictine monk who is attributed with the development of blending the three grape varieties that give Champagne an added dimension of fruitiness, finesse and structure.

Cuvee Cristal 2002
Louis Roederer - €390.00
In 1876 Tsar Alexander II of Russia, fearing that a bomb hidden behind the conventional green glass of a Champagne bottle might be used to assassinate him, ordered Champagne to be produced in a clear glass bottle and without the traditional bell-shaped base. In order to ensure that this bottle shape was able to cope with the pressure, it had to be manufactured from lead crystal, and hence became known as Cristal. The wine itself is full-bodied and powerful but balanced, fully deserving of its stellar reputation.

Dessert Wines


Casella Moscato 2009
Delicata, Malta - €12.50
A deliciously golden sweet rich concentrated wine that is the perfect accompaniment to most desserts.

Moscato d’Asti ‘Nivole’ 2009
Michele Chiarlo, Piedmont~Italy - €13.50
The name “Nivole,” which means “clouds” in Piedmontese dialect, appropriately suggests the wine’s airy, elegant quality The fragrant, intensely fruity bouquet, offset by musky notes, leads to a refined sweetness supported by an excellent acid balance on the palate, with a suggestion of effervescence in the texture. The finish is clean and crisp, with a persistent flavor of grape and citrus characteristic of the variety.

Passito di Pantelleria 2004
Rallo, Sicily~Italy - €40.90
Pretty nose with hints of raisins, figs, botrytis. Very powerful and sweet wine in the mouth. Fruity style. Quite mature and ready. Raisins, figs and caramel in the fruit. Low acids and a long taste with hints of caramel. High alcohol, but balancing nicely

Passito di Pantelleria ‘Ben Rye’ 2008
Donnafugata, Sicily~Italy - €42.90
The wine displays its extraordinary personality and depth initially with its bright amber yellow colour. After the first, intense notes of apricots and peaches, the bouquet offers sweet sensations of dried figs, honey, herbs and mineral notes. The wine is impressive on the palate with its outstanding complexity due to a fusing of sweetness, sapidity and softness. A prolonged finish.

Chateau Dauphin Rondillon 2001
Loupiac-Bordeax~France - €16.50
Intense aromas of honey & apricot. The flavours are very sweet with powerful apricot, pineapple, vanilla, and honey. Full bodied flavours and completely coating mouth feel. Wonderful sweetness on the finish that is long lasting.